No turning back: Facebook will finally abandon the old design in September

Facebook unveiled a massive social network redesign last year. First a new interface appeared

in mobile applications on iOS and Android, after which - in the web version. Now Facebook has told when they finally say goodbye to the old design.


As a reminder, while users have a choice: they can switch to a new interface or return to the old one at any time. This happens with one click in your account settings.

But in September this opportunity will no longer be: the transition period ends, and only a new interface will remain on Facebook.

“We've made improvements to the new and are happy that everyone can try out the new design. Before we make classic Facebook unavailable in September, we hope you let us know how we can continue to make Facebook better for everyone, ”said the company's press office.

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As a reminder, now desktop Facebook looks more liketo the mobile version: there is no usual blue bar at the top of the page, and the logo itself is not square, but round. The top bar provides quick access to the home page, groups, friends list and game pages. There is also a dark theme.

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