VKontakte publics with the maximum number of donations from participants have been named

In "VKontakte" you can now see the rating of publics and groups that receive the maximum number

donations from participants. It turned out that several communities earn hundreds of thousands of rubles a month on donations.

According to the Roem edition, VKontakte hasonly three communities that have more than a thousand "dons" - people who make voluntary donations. In the first place is the public "Zipper" dedicated to Korean pop culture, the emphasis there is on translations from Korean. It boasts 4 thousand dons. Since the monthly donation is 50 or 100 rubles, it can be calculated that the public earns at least 200 thousand rubles a month on donations.

In second place is Tool42 - a community of the app of the same name for analyzing VK accounts. Some functions of the service are available only to donors.

The third place belongs to the Cerebro Target community of the targeted advertising service on VKontakte for marketers.