Found a way to determine how specific viruses kill cancer cells

As a senior researcher at the laboratory of radiocarbon methods of analysis told the agency

Faculty of Physics, Ekaterina UniversityParkhomchuk, using the new method, researchers can study the ability of oncolytic viruses to be selective for the destruction of cancer cells. It will also be possible to detect the content of viruses in any biological object.

Recall that oncolytic viruses can selectively destroy cancer cells, while not affecting human health in any way. This method of cancer treatment is considered one of the sparing ones.

In order to develop a method, scientists fromNovosibirsk State University, using the example of the influenza virus, observed how it concentrates in various tissues of living beings. To do this, they introduced into this virus a so-called radiocarbon label - an isotope of carbon (C14), with which scientists recorded on a device that determines the movement of molecular masses (accelerating mass spectrometer), where the virus accumulates most.

It is planned that the new method will become one of the leading Russian developments in the fight against various types of cancer.

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