Found a way to disable Google tracking

Google services are often accused of tracking virtually every user. And considering that

almost any Android smartphone is saturated with them, and the “scale of the tragedy” begins to really impress. But fortunately for all of us, experts have found a way to disable Google tracking.

So, if you believe the statement of the head of the Center for DigitalExpertise of Anton Kukanov's Roskachestvo, Google account settings make it possible to cut the amount of data collected by the search giant, despite its interest in the opposite. The specialist separately noted the fact that the mobile version of the Chrome browser also has its own privacy settings, which should be dealt with separately.

"You need to go to the privacy settings,which are in your Google account. There you can deactivate personalized search, disable tracking of outgoing traffic, and clear the history of searches and applications, ”advised Kukanov.