Along with PlayStation: Microsoft may officially launch Xbox services in Ukraine - media

Microsoft ignored Ukrainian gamers for a long time, but now decided to officially launch Xbox services

in the country.

Xbox in Ukraine

According to AIN.UA, referring to its own correspondent, Microsoft signed a memorandum with the government of Ukraine on the development of the IT industry in the country. One of the points of the agreement was the launch of Xbox services in the country.

As Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation Alexander Bornyakov clarified, the parties agreed on the official launch of the Xbox, but they have not yet set a timeline:

"We hope to be able to launch by the end of this year."

Note that Xbox consoles have been on sale for several yearsin Ukraine, but the company's services have not been officially launched in the country. As a result, gamers have to create accounts for other countries, which causes additional inconvenience when buying games.

At the same time, Sony provides full supportPlayStation users in Ukraine. Includes regional digital store, promotions, sales and a call center to support gamers. Perhaps with the official launch of the Xbox in Ukraine, users of the Microsoft platform will also receive these bonuses.

It is possible that the launch of the services will take place simultaneously with the global launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S on November 10, 2020.

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