Customize your iOS 10 Control Center with CCPlus Jailbreak Tweak

The ability to customize an iOS device is one of the main achievements of jailbreaking. IN

Cydia is available in many amazing tweaks. The newest one is CCPlus, which allows you to change the appearance of the iOS 10 Control Center.

This new jailbreak tweak allows you to customizesome options, changing the look of the Control Center, for example, to a more stylish or minimalistic one. Tweak offers a change in various options - from changing the background color of the Control Center to hiding individual sections of the menu. Here is a list of all the features of CCPlus:



  • 6 different background styles to choose from - gradation from dark to transparent;
  • Ability to add to the background any selected shade;
  • During music playback, a tweak adjusts the appearance of the background to the main cover color of the album being listened to;
  • Ability to hide the Night Shift, Air Play and AirDrop buttons;
  • Removing a dark shade from the background of the Control Center;
  • The ability to hide numbering elements;
  • Sets the text color to white instead of the default settings.

After installing CCPlus enable and disableparts of the options can be combined in any combination. Change is done through the preferences panel in the settings menu. After making changes, you must reboot the device for the new effects to take effect.

Important! Tweak CCPlus will suit you if settingsoptions will be quite simple. If you need full customization of the Control Center, you should try the more “advanced” tweaks - Onizuka, Horseshoe, HideMeX.

In general, CCPlus definitely deserves a download - a tweak is available in the Cydia BigBoss repository for free. Write us your comments about the tweak in the comments!