The video showed the transportation of the plane on the plane

In a video published by the Russian Ministry of Defense, they showed the transportation of an aircraft in an airplane - a MiG-29 fighter in

transporter An-22 "Antey".

As the Ministry of Defense indicated in the caption under the video, the MiG-29 was transferred from the Moscow region to the Tver region. The plane will be installed on the territory of the Tver Suvorov School.

The fighter was dismantled before transportation. The tail unit and wings were installed on the cradles using a specialized crane, and the fuselage was fixed in the An-22 cockpit. After delivery, the aircraft was assembled by aviation engineering specialists.

It should be noted that the An-22 "Antey" is the mostthe world's largest turboprop aircraft. Its wingspan is 64 meters, and its takeoff weight is 227 tons. It is capable of lifting loads up to 80 tons. Interestingly, the An-22 is equipped with the same engine as the Tu-95 strategic bomber.