The video showed the work of the world's first smartphone with a removable camera

A few days ago we wrote that the Chinese company Vivo introduced the world's first smartphone with

removable camera. Now a video has appeared on the network demonstrating the operation of a unique device.

Recall that the camera in the concept smartphoneVivo can be detached by shooting objects remotely. This is exactly what is demonstrated in the video. Attention is also drawn to the possibility of using the technology as an action camera. In the video, this ability was played in an interesting way by connecting the camera to the dog's collar.

It is noted that for a smartphone will be suitableinterchangeable modules such as telephoto, wide-angle, and fisheye lens. It has a water-resistant cover so you can take pictures underwater. The company has also provided protection against loss of a removable camera. So, the smartphone itself has a special option that gives an alarm if the user moves away from the camera at a considerable distance.