An ecological catastrophe has occurred in Kamchatka. Contamination reasons not identified

The Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor's Office for the Kamchatka Territory begins a large-scale verification of the fact

pollution of the water area of ​​the peninsula. The fact is that the source has not yet been established. The incident took place in the area of ​​Khalaktyrsky beach. This is not only the main location for professional surfers, but also a popular tourist attraction in Kamchatka. Greenpeace specialists took water samples and after checking it was found that the permissible level of oil products was four times higher. In addition, the level of phenols in water was 2.5 times higher. Such data are consistent with the state of the ecological disaster in the region.

Greenpeace in Russia has already applied toRosprirodnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Defense and the Prosecutor General's Office demanding an immediate investigation of the causes of pollution, an assessment of the scale and urgent elimination of the consequences due to large environmental pollution and the need for an urgent response to the problem.

"Pollution of the water area near Khalaktyrsky beachhas already led to the death of marine animals, the poisoning of people. The unique nature of Kamchatka, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage is under threat. It is necessary to contain and prevent further pollution of the coastline as soon as possible. Identify the source of pollution and take the necessary response measures, ”said Vasily Yablokov, head of the Greenpeace climate project in Russia.

Let us remind you that it is surfers, notlaw enforcement agencies were the first to notice the pollution. Ekaterina Dyba, geographer and administrator of the surfing school Snowave Kamchatka, wrote about this on social networks a week ago, reporting athletes' complaints of pain in the eyes and poisoning after contact with water.

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And where is our newly minted governor @vv_solodov??? Does tourism develop or run? How can we live with all this now? The Ocean coast is poisonous yellow, octopuses, hedgehogs, crabs, even mussels fell off! And these are all the inhabitants of the depth! And they are all dead !! Not even the top layer! @greenpeaceru Kamchatka is in trouble and everyone is silent! @_svetlana__radionova_

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