New games have already started to slow down on Xbox consoles of the outgoing generation

Digital Foundry has launched Watch Dogs: Legion on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. As it turns out, Xbox consoles

the outgoing generation is no longer "pulled" by new games.

The Xbox One performed worse in the test. Watch Dogs: Legion for PlayStation 4 operates in dynamic resolution from 810p to 1080p and is capable of delivering stable 30 fps. But the Xbox One was noted for the worst resolution - from 648p to 900p, and low fps - 22-25. In addition, gaps in the image were periodically observed.

Xbox One X "slows down" not as much as the younger model. The console reaches resolutions from 1560p to 2052p, but fps still hover between 26-30. The PlayStation 4 Pro performed best of all.