On the petals of flowers, we found rainbow patterns invisible to us: this attracts pollinators

Flowers use different strategies to lure pollinators. One of them is the chemical coloring of pigments,

which are on the petals and shimmer when moving. The authors of the new work believe that this is one of the most important methods of attracting pollinators.

A new optical effect discovered by the authorsis created using a complex pattern of nano-sized combs on the surface of the petals. They refract light and, as a result, colors shimmer beautifully. It's all about the bending of the petal, which sways in the wind and attracts the attention of pollinators.

The same effect can be seen on the surface of CDs or soap bubbles.

In order to understand in more detail how the basis for this type of pollinator attraction is formed, the authors studied the grooves of the petals on hibiscus flowers: they appear during the growth of the petals.

During the experiment, the researchers stretched young hibiscus petals on which scallops began to emerge. This means that it is the bending of the petal that causes this effect.

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