On the level of OnePlus 8 Pro and Google Pixel 5: iPhone 11 has improved its position in the DxOMark ranking

DxOMark recently changed its protocol for testing smartphones cameras, and now

gradually revises the results of already released models. And now the turn came to last year's iPhone 11.

What changed

If before the iPhone 11 received 109 from DxOMarkpoints, then after testing under the new protocol, his score increased significantly - up to 119 points. He got 129 for a photo, 36 for a zoom and 109 for a video. In early grading, there was no separate zoom category. But it is worth considering that the indicator increased not only thanks to him, because since the release, the smartphone has received updates, including with camera improvements.

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Thus, even after a year, the iPhone 11 remainsa good camera phone - it's not in vain that it is still in great demand. Photos offer accurate exposure, good color rendering, great detail even indoors, and ultra-wide camera performance. However, DxOMark is not very happy with the zoom quality, which is understandable given the lack of a telephoto lens. Ringing artifacts and overexposed nighttime flash portraits prevent the iPhone 11 from giving a higher score.

As a result, to date, the iPhone 11takes 21st place in the overall DxOMark rating - between OnePlus 8 Pro and Google Pixel 5. True, not all models are retested, so its position may shake or, conversely, improve over time.

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