Amazon sells metal boxes to protect against 5G and Wi-Fi radiation. But for some reason they don't work

On Amazon, unscrupulous sellers offer a device that supposedly cares about the health of users,

but in fact it is completely useless.

What it is

This is a "shield for a router" like a Faraday cage, which supposedly should protect against 5G and Wi-Fi radiation. Moreover, they bring good profit, since they are not cheap - from $ 70 to $ 190.

The sellers claim that the products are "original" and urge not to buy cheap "fakes".

And although they insist that cells "in no case should affect the range of the signal and the speed of the Internet," in fact, the opposite is true. Metal boxes block almost all the signal from the router.

Many users started to complain aboutsignal degradation. But there are those who were not helped by the "protection": the Internet still works perfectly. Apparently, under the guise of a shield, such users were sold an ordinary mesh storage box.

The appearance of such "amulets" and announcementsis linked to numerous conspiracy theories about the harms of 5G. At one time, even the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic was associated with the deployment of fifth-generation networks.

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