Wrong Promise: World of Warcraft players will be able to change their gender for free with the release of Shadowlands

Blizzard allows World of Warcraft players to change the gender of their character, but in return asks for $ 15. With the release of the Shadowlands update, the service will be free.

What is known

In an interview for Eurogamer, Executive ProducerBlizzard Entertainment John Haight announced that players will no longer have to pay to change their gender. The development team decided that the paid sex change service in World of Warcraft carries the “wrong message”, so they decided to transfer this opportunity to the hairdresser. There, users can change their hair, face, skin color and more for free.

“For quite some time now [in World of Warcraft]there was a skill for players that allowed you to change your appearance - it was a paid service. Many of the opportunities that the ability provided have migrated to the hairdresser. And when we worked on the Shadowlands content, we realized: “Damn it, the only way to change sex in World of Warcraft is to use a paid service.” The team felt that this was the wrong message, ”says Haight.

Changes will take effect only with the release of Shadowlands, since now developers can not make changes.

As Eurogamer notes, talking about gender reassignmentstarted during the discussion of Pelagos. According to the community, this is the first transgender character in World of Warcraft. The hero is a covenant of kiry, who, when passing to duties, can choose a body shell that reflects the true essence. As a mortal, Pelagos was a woman, but after becoming a kiria he chose a male body.

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