An unusual monolith appeared already in Romania: a similar object disappeared from the Utah desert

However, earlier the first object disappeared from the American desert, Utah. Users per day by photo

found out the exact location of the object andfound out that it was made of sheet steel. One of the assumptions: this is an art object. However, on November 29, he also mysteriously disappeared - the authorities said they had not removed the monolith.

A new mysterious object has appeared already in Romania:on the Batka-Doamney hill near the ancient Petrodava-Dacia fortress, erected between 82 BC. e. and 106 A.D. e. The Romanian authorities do not know who is responsible for installing the monolith. Officials began to study the mysterious structure.

Monolith in Utah

After finding the first monolith, userssocial networks suggested that this is an art object from fans of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, since the film has a similar construction. Some believe that the monument could have appeared with alien help.

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