Unsinkable: The iPhone has been underwater for almost a year - and it works!

Members of the Four Lakes Diving Club in Madison, Wisconsin are known for their operations

environmental cleanup at Mendota Lake. Recently, they discovered an interesting discovery at the bottom of the lake - the iPhone.

What is known

Smartphones usually stop working after being underwater for a long time. They fail when they are taken out and tried to be charged. But not this iPhone: it charges and stays functional.

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Club members decided to find the owner of the gadget.And thanks to the internal data of the device, they still found it. As it turned out, the smartphone belongs to a graduate of a local university. The girl dropped her iPhone in the summer of 2022 when she went boating with friends. That is, he lay in the water for almost a year and “survived”.

The message does not name a specific smartphone model. But judging by the photo, this is the iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro.