Not afraid of scratches and drops from a height of 2 meters: Corning introduced a protective glass Gorilla Glass Victus

Corning has introduced a new protective glass for mobile devices. It replaced Gorilla Glass 6,

but this is not Gorilla Glass 7, but Gorilla Glass Victus.

What have changed

The company has focused on three factors: it is scratch resistance, drop resistance and price. First, since the release of Gorilla Glass 3, little attention has been paid to scratch resistance, but Gorilla Glass Victus in this regard is twice as good as Gorilla Glass 6 and four times more than competitors (as the manufacturer claims).

Secondly, the glass can withstand drops from a height of up to2 meters. For comparison, for Gorilla Glass 5 this figure is 1.2 meters, for Gorilla Glass 6 - 1.6 meters. The resistance to repeated drops has also been improved: the glass withstands about 20 drops from a height of 1 meter, the previous generation - 15.

True, this does not mean that in any casethe protective glass will not break or scratch. Vice President and Gorilla Glass Lead Researcher Jaymin Amin admits that Gorilla Glass Victus can get scratched if there is dirt, sand, hard metals in your smartphone pocket, but “for you this means that the chances of scratches are very strong decreases. "

Finally, the third factor is price, and it will be the same as Gorilla Glass 6.

Who is first?

Corning says it was the first company towill release a smartphone with Gorilla Glass Victus, will be Samsung. This will happen "in the next few months." It will most likely be the flagship Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which will debut on August 5.

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