Do not update! Xiaomi again "broke" Mi A3 with unsuccessful firmware

The story of the long-suffering smartphone Xiaomi Mi A3 continues, and Xiaomi again advises against installing

an update that has recently arrived on devices.

What happened

Firmware V11.0.3.0.QFQMXTC is 1.4 GB in size and offers the July Android security update. It was recently received by the owners of Xiaomi Mi A3 on the international market.

But after installing the update on Xiaomi againcomplaints poured in: the smartphone stopped "seeing" one of the two SIM-cards. In addition, the language has changed and some pre-installed applications have appeared that cannot be removed.

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As it turned out, Xiaomi mistakenly sent everythingglobal versions of Xiaomi Mi A3 firmware, which is only intended for Mexican telecom operator Telcel. It disables the second SIM card slot, effectively turning the Mi A3 into a single-card smartphone.

What to do

Xiaomi strongly discourages installing this update. Those users who have already done this will have to wait for the bug fix.

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You can also manually flash your smartphone or use only one SIM card for now, although it does not work for some.

As a reminder, Xiaomi Mi A3 was released as part of the Android One program and has faced numerous problems several times after trying to update to Android 10.

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