New RTX 3080 GPU is 50% faster than the old 2080 Ti in 4K gaming

On September 1, NVIDIA introduced a new generation of video cards, among which was the GeForce RTX 3080 model. Now the company

showed how the game looks in 4K resolution on new video cards. DOOM Eternal was used for the demonstration.

The game was launched on the RTX 3080 and the old 2080 Ti. As it turned out, the first video card works 50% faster than the second, providing a similar increase in FPS. DOOM Eternal in 4K resolution was played on the RTX 3080 with an average of 120 FPS and maximum graphics settings.

Even more interesting, the RTX 3080 will cost almost half the price of the RTX 2080 Ti when it launches. Whereas the old model was priced at $ 1199, the new one is only $ 699.