New compact unit cleans the air from pollutants and CO2

The new development handles 450 cubic meters. m3 / h and can control the CO2 concentration in the room. If she

is 1000 ppm, then the installation starts to work actively until the indicator becomes 600 ppm, according to GOST 30494-2011.

Household air purifiers usually cannotfilter out CO2, this is the main advantage of the installation. The device, as the press service of the Troitsk Institute for Innovative and Fusion Research (SSC RF TRINITI, a Rosatom enterprise) has specified, can be manufactured in three versions: mobile, stationary and built-in ventilation.

Experts have created a fully functional samplean absorber to absorb excess concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), which can be used in educational, medical, office, sports clubs, etc.

Institute Press Service

Excess CO2 in a room can affectperformance and well-being: the absorber destroys bacteria and viruses, cleans the air from allergens, and also saturates it with microelements contained in sea salt

Earlier, the WHO said that in 2019 the levelcarbon dioxide in the atmosphere sharply: the average annual rate reached 410 ppm. The average CO2 concentration in the air in July 2021 was 416.65 ppm (0.041665%). Despite the slowdown in industrial production due to the pandemic and quarantine, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is still very high.

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