Yandex's new technology creates a voice assistant for business from scratch

Such robots will be able to recognize words and commands on a specific topic with the highest level of accuracy.

New tools will help significantly improveservice scenarios in the bank, in medicine or in delivery. SpeechKit Pro also allows you to create individual features of a voice robot: intonation and manner of communication.

Such a robot has already been implemented for the users of Alfa-Bank: the voice robot Alf has appeared in the bank's ecosystem.

At the heart of our product is banking functions: customer interaction with Alfa-mobile through natural speech.

Ivan Pyatkov, Director of Digital Business, Alfa-Bank

However, the technology can adapt to anytype of business. Along with the business interest in the possibilities of speech technologies, the requirements for recognition accuracy in specific scenarios of interaction between voice robots and humans, and the ability to quickly adapt developments to new tasks have grown.

For example, for a shipping companyIt is fundamentally important that the robot does not get confused in evaluating the meaning of the phrases "Transfer the order" or "Enter the order", and for telecommunications companies - that it distinguishes between the phrases "Enable service" and "Disable service" without errors. The priority of a business is accuracy in its area, the ability to develop application experience in a specific business scenario based on objective indicators.

The character of "Alpha" is based on the archetype of an intelligent butler: an intelligent, moderately ironic, but loyal and kind helper.

Vladimir Kitlyar, digital CPO of Alfa-Bank

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