New iOS 10.2 will be released next week

After the release of several beta 10.2, it seems Apple is ready for the final release at the next

week. IN Apple support document, which was published earlier today,regarding the sudden reboot problem that occurs on iPhone 6S devices, the company noted that a new software update, which will be released next week, will include additional diagnostic tools.

Given that Apple is alreadyhas released more than 5 different beta versions of firmware 10.2 and with the fast approaching Christmas holidays, there is every reason to say that next week Apple is going to release the final version of firmware 10.2.



New iOS 10.2 will come with a number of new changes and features, including a new TV application that will help iPhone / iPad users easily find new television shows. Other changes include the new SOS feature - an emergency call in case of danger, which will be available in countries such as the United States, Japan, Russia and others. The Music app will also be updated to make shuffling and song replay less nightmare.

Are you looking forward to the release of the new iOS 10.2?

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