Newest Sony DualSense Gamepad Does Not Work With PlayStation 4 But Connects To Nintendo Switch

Some time ago it became known that the latest Sony DualSense gamepad does not work with the PlayStation 4. Then many

suggested that this is due to the breakthroughvibration system in the controller, with which an outdated console simply cannot "make friends". But, as it turned out, this is not the reason, because DualSense connects to Nintendo Switch without any problems.

It's worth noting that the Nintendo console is unlikely toallows you to experience the unusual vibration of the new controller, as well as use its touch panel. But otherwise, Sony's new product works great with the portable Switch. It is also no less funny that DualSense connects to PlayStation 3 without any problems. The network has already assumed that support for the new gamepad will appear on the PlayStation 4, but only with upcoming firmware updates.

Recall that the start of sales of the brand new PlayStation5 in Russia is scheduled for November 19, 2020. The choice of buyers will be presented at once two variations of the console: with an optical drive (for 46,999 rubles) and without it (for 37,999 rubles).