Newest Russian Su-57 fighter spotted with Product 180 missiles

On October 2, a video was published on the network dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the 929th State Flight Test

Center of the Ministry of Defense of Russia named after Valery Chkalov. It was on this plane that the experts spotted the newest Russian Su-57 fighter equipped with Product 180 missiles.

This model of guided missiles isa modification of an earlier version called “Product 170-1” (R-77-1), a user under the nickname bmpd writes in his blog on the Live Journal. According to him, the new product differs from its predecessor with an active radar homing system and "a modified configuration of the rudders in order to be able to be placed in the internal weapon compartments of the fighter." Also, among the differences, the expert noted the equipment of "Product 180" with a dual-mode solid-fuel engine, which allows the combat vehicle to increase the firing range.

Recall that the earlier American edition of TheDrive published an article in which it assured readers that Russian fighters were demonstrating the country's readiness to introduce new air-to-air missiles into its most advanced combat aircraft.