New jailbreak tweaks for iOS 10 - 10.2: PulseHUD, QuickPowerMode, SleekNotifications and others

Below we offer you the next batch of nine tweaks.

All below and compatible with

iOS 10-102 tweaks can be downloaded from the “BigBoss” repository of the “Cydia” application, so if you read this article on a hacked iPhone or iPad device, then you can immediately take advantage of the offers of this week. Well, let's get started.



Tweek “PulseHUD” (distributed free of charge, “BigBoss” repository)

Changes the default volume change pictureyour device to a new one with a ripple effect. It looks amazing and can lead to the fact that you will constantly press the volume buttons to enjoy the pulsating picture again and again.

OwnSpy tweak (free trial, BigBoss repository)

When it comes to the security of your iOSdevices, then the OwnSpy tweak offers a great solution. Remote control over the device and remote access to the information stored on it, and if necessary, remote deletion of content with a simple swipe - all these features, under certain circumstances, can become invaluable. Updated for working with iOS 10 / 10.2 jailbreak tweak “OwnSpy” allows you to remotely monitor your iPhone device.



Tweak "SleekNotifications" (distributed free of charge, repository "BigBoss")

Allows you to change the operation of the notification system and widgets iOS so that it looks less banal and, say, more attractive.

Tweak “Delay Read Receipts” (distributed free of charge, “BigBoss” repository)

Sending read notifications immediatelyMessages from your interlocutor are sometimes useful, but there are situations when it is desirable to postpone sending them. This tweak will allow you to configure the time for sending notifications of this kind.

Tweak "QuickPowerMode" (distributed free of charge, repository "BigBoss")

Allows you to quickly and easily enable and disable the "Energy Saving" mode with a simple click on the battery icon in the status menu.

Tweak “iGotYa” (free, but with monthly payments for use, BigBoss repository)

This tweak, updated to run on iOS 10, allows you to see a photo of someone who tried to access the contents of your locked iPhone device.

Tweak “BouncyNC10” (distributed free of charge, repository “BigBoss”)

This tweak allows you to change the speed and the number of "jumps" of the Notification Center window when it is called using a vertical swipe.

Tweak “WiFi Top Toggle” (distributed free of charge, “BigBoss” repository)

Moves the WiFi service mode switch directly to the status bar of the corresponding system settings application panel.

Tweak “ColorKimcil 10” (distributed free of charge, repository “BigBoss”)

Allows you to change the background color of the windows of the Notification Center, the lock screen, pop-up notification windows and the color scheme of many other system services.