New renderings with possible triple-camera iPhone designs

The network has new renders with the iPhone 2019. According to the source, these are Apple's official iPhone prototypes.

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On renders, the smartphone is different from the currentiPhone XS has a smaller notch on the screen, even thinner frames and a new triple main camera on the back. It is worth noting that this design is very different from other renders.

Renders are 100% real prototypes. Three new iPhone 2019 models are still at an early stage of development, which means the final design has not yet been approved. In this case, there are two options:

Option 1: Both merged renderers will be used as two different models (for example, iPhone XIS and XIS max).

Option 2: One of the prototypes will be used, and the company will refuse the second.

In 2019, Apple will release three new models: updated iPhone XR with LCD-display and two new models with OLED-displays, one of which will be more. A large iPhone with an OLED display will have a triple main camera.

So far, only January, and we are already talking aboutsmartphones that will be released only in September, but it's time to get used to it. Given the poor sales of current iPhones, we can assume that this year Apple will try to surprise us with something new.