New glasses for radiation protection are three times more effective than analogues

Radiation shielded glasses contain compounds of elements with a high atomic number. They

are used to protect personnel from radiation in nuclear industries and in medical centers.

A group of Russian scientists analyzedresistance of glass of a promising composition and came to the conclusion that it is more efficient in a number of characteristics: an increase in the mass attenuation coefficient, the free path length, and also a tenfold attenuation layer.

Our material proved to be three times more effective atabsorption of photon radiation than similar "heavy" glasses widespread today. Accordingly, performing a comparable task, it can be three times thinner. This provides many benefits, including significant savings.

Maria Pyshkina, Researcher, Department of Experimental Physics, Ural Federal University

The researchers also added that the impactionizing radiation occurs randomly, therefore, when creating glass, the simulation of random processes by the Monte Carlo method, as well as other methods of computer modeling, were used.

The research team plans to continue researching the radiation properties of materials for components of radiation protection systems.

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