New Year with a Legend: Chuck Norris will drop into World of Tanks with tasks and gifts for "tankers"

Wargaming has announced a New Year event in World of Tanks, in which Chuck Norris himself will participate.

A year with a legend

Celebration starts on December 9th.Entering World of Tanks, "tankers" will find that their hangar has moved from a forest clearing to a winter mountain town. In addition, players will find their first present under the tree - the German premium Tier IV tank destroyer Pz. Sfl. IC with 100% crew and a Garage slot.

Chuck Norris will also drop in on New Year's Eve.prepared for the "tankers" tasks and a special surprise. Every day, Norris will give out challenging combat missions, for the completion of which the corresponding awards are issued. Missions are cumulative, so you don't have to complete them every day.

Long-awaited discounts on the purchase of the researchedtechnicians are back. They will open gradually as combat missions are completed. The first discount on the purchase of researchable Tier II vehicles will become available after completing two tasks.

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After completing most of Chuck Norris's assignments, hiscan be recruited as a crew commander. The character gets three skills at once: Sixth Sense, Repair, Battle Brotherhood, and also one free slot.

By gaining experience and earning Small boxes, playerswill unlock decorations for the city that increase the level of the festive atmosphere: the brighter and more fun the Hangar looks, the higher the atmosphere will be! When she reaches level IV, the first Snow Maiden will come to your Hangar. As the atmosphere of the holiday grows, three more Snow Maidens will join it, and players will be able to receive one gift from one of them every day.

The New Year event in World of Tanks will last until January 11, 2021.

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