New Nine tweak will return iOS 9 style notifications

In iOS 11, the design of notifications on the lock screen, in the Notification Center and in others has been significantly changed

elements of the operating system. It is not surprising that not all users are delighted with it.

Fortunately, now you have the opportunity to return the old design of notifications on iPhone and iPad thanks to a new free jailbreak tweak called Nine.



When you install it, the tweak turns iOS 11 notifications into iOS 9 notifications. This tweak replaces the new notice plates with a simple notification list with a translucent background.

Even the usual modern banners on the home screen and in applications will acquire the design of iOS 9.



Nine adds a new section to the Settings app, where you can configure several options.

You can do the following:

  • Turn tweak on and off
  • Activate iPhone X style banners
  • Customize background
  • Hide icons
  • Lock wallpaper on lock screen
  • Adjust background transparency
  • Select the number of notifications displayed
  • Set dimming notifications at the end of the list
  • Set dimming of viewed notifications

The developer also added a useful button that allows you to do respring. It needs to be used every time after you change any tweak option in the settings.

If you don’t really like iOS 11 notifications, download the Nine tweak. This is a great way to go back in time and enjoy the iOS 9 notification design if you like the classics more than modern times.

You can download the Nine tweak for free from the BigBoss repository. It is supported by all iOS 11 jailbroken devices.