New fitness bracelet accused of sexism and offensive assessments

In August, Amazon introduced the Halo fitness bracelet, which differs from others in its ability to compose nudes.

3D portrait of the user and analyze his voice. Journalists from The Washington Post tested the new product and accused it of sexism and offensive ratings.

Through 3D portraits, the bracelet software determines whetherThe owner is overweight. Halo has no screen, no speakers, and does not vibrate. The device only has sensors that track heart rate, physical activity, sleep and skin temperature. Journalists said that the device collects too intimate data.

In addition, in their opinion, body assessment canoffend the user because the Halo app offers several slides with images of a person with more or less weight. In addition, the bracelet calculates body fat inaccurately.

Another complaint about the bracelet is incorrectvoice analysis. With the help of this function, the bracelet supposedly has to evaluate a high or low level of "energy", positive or negative intonation. Journalists said that Halo, at a low voice frequency, assessed the speech of a man as "sad", "stern", and women as "stubborn", "domineering". “The very existence of a tone-controlling AI that judges in such terms seems sexist. Amazon has created an automated system that says, “Hey honey, why aren't you smiling anymore?”, Journalists criticized the function.