Samsung's new OLED display can measure heart rate, blood pressure and read fingerprints anywhere

Samsung Display has unveiled several new technologies at SID Display Week in Los Angeles. Perhaps,

The most interesting novelty was the touch OLED display, which is called the Sensor OLED Display.

What's new

The peculiarity of the display is that it can readfingerprints anywhere on the surface of the panel. Usually in smartphones or tablets, under-screen scanners are a small module located under the panel. Accordingly, in order for the sensor to recognize the fingerprint, the user needs to move their finger to a specific area of ​​the display. Sensor OLED Display, on the contrary, received a sensor built into the panel itself, so the fingerprint will be read anywhere on the display surface.

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This technology can also be used tomonitoring health indicators - heart rate and blood pressure. To measure blood pressure, you need to put two fingers on the screen. OLED light appears to reflect differently depending on the contraction and relaxation of your blood vessels.

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What's more, Samsung claims that this technology produces more accurate readings than wearable devices.

When we see the finished product with the Sensor OLED Display (and whether it will be at all) is still unknown.