New Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review: worth the wait!

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review

The new smartwatch Galaxy Watch 3 was officially presented today. And right now we're ready

to share with you not rumors, but the official data and technical characteristics of the accessory.


The Galaxy Watch 3 design is an obvious evolutionoriginal Galaxy Watch. The most striking feature of the Galaxy Watch is the rotating bezel. But everything, including the bezel, has been redesigned and refined to create a new product that looks great.

Samsung has worked hard to reduce the size of the watch. As a result, the Galaxy Watch 3 is 14% thinner, 8% smaller and 15% lighter, while having a larger display than its predecessor.

Samsung is clearly trying to move towards a more luxurious experience. This is partly due not only to the slimmer body, but also to the leather strap that now comes standard.

The watch case is made of stainless steel, but for those who want something even better, this time Samsung is also adding a titanium case option.

Just like last time, you can choose from two sizes: 45mm and 41mm, as well as three colors: Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and Mystic Bronze.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung hasn't wasted any time sincethe release of the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch 3, which had many useful features. From mildly helpful to potentially life-saving, there is a lot to offer here.


One of the best features of a smartwatchis that you can choose from many different watch faces and change them as often as you like. There are over 80,000 watch faces in the Galaxy Store, but if you don't feel like looking for the perfect one, you can just make one yourself. You can choose from 40 different add-ons to customize the watch face to suit your needs like no other.

Tracking vital body functions

In addition to standard heart rate tracking, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers several additional features:

  • Monitoring blood oxygen saturation
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • ECG

Your access to these features may vary depending ondepending on the market in which you operate as they require regulatory approval. To track them, Samsung has created a new Health Monitor app to help you analyze the data your watch provides.

Fall detection

Another new feature in the lineupGalaxy Watch - Fall Detection: Activated whenever the watch detects that you have been dropped, and if you don't take action, it will send an emergency notification to your chosen contacts.

Running tool

To bring your training game to a new onelevel, Galaxy Watch 3 will provide you with real-time feedback while you run, as well as six-factor reports after your workout. In fact, the Galaxy Watch 3 will be closer to an important personal trainer than ever.


Moving on to the more complex part of the feature list, we have new hand gestures. Two gestures are currently supported:

  • Clenching (and unclenching) your fists to allow you to receive calls.
  • A wrist rotation that can be used to mute alarms and reject calls.

Samsung will likely expand this functionality to other features in the future, but the company is highlighting this for now.

Price and sales date

Prices for the Galaxy Watch 3 Bluetooth versionsstart at $ 329 for the 41mm model and $ 399 for the 45mm model. The LTE version starts at $ 449 for the smaller 41mm model and $ 479 for the 45mm model. Shipping starts on August 6th and you can order your model here today.

In Russia, the price of the Galaxy Watch 3 Bluetooth 45 mm on the official website is 34,990 rubles. The 41 mm Galaxy Watch 3 Bluetooth model costs 29,990 rubles.