IOS 9 review: all you need to know about Apple's new iOS

If you are following Apple technology news, then you should know that WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) has recently taken place.

Of course, the most anticipated thing about this conference was Apple's new operating system, iOS 9. Missed WWDC 2015? It does not matter, we have collected all the information about the most interesting features of iOS 9.

Updated Siri

Do you use Siri? If not, then with the release of iOS 9, you will have many reasons to start using Apple's virtual assistant. IOS 9 improved Siri’s intelligence. Siri received not only a new interface, but also now is full of intelligent chips. With the new proactive assistant, Siri will take into account how you use your iPhone and predict what you might be interested in.


For example, Siri can now offer applicationswhich you might be interested in, will start the music as soon as you plug in your headphones and identify a calling number that is not in your notebook.

Smart search

In addition to Siri, the search has been actively finalizedby application. With iOS 9, searches are now deep in third-party apps. Now developers will have access to an API that allows users to search applications on their iPhone or iPad - from Spotlight Search. From there, you can go directly to the application.

Split Screen. Multitasking for iPad

Finally it happened, with the advent of iOS 9, one ofThe most sought after features are now available on the iPad. This feature can be called true multitasking, it is presented in three versions: Split View, SlideOver, and picture-in-picture.



    • Split View is a mode in which two applicationswork side by side, each of which uses 50% of the screen. You can move both applications and swap them. However, this mode is only available for iPad 2 and above.



    • SlideOver - this mode allows the userExtend the second application to the screen, which will use 30% of the screen, while the main application works and occupies most of the screen. It works on iPad Air and iPad mini.

    • Picture in picture - here I think everything is clear. While you are using the main application, you can use another application, which will be placed in the square. Also works with iPad Air and iPad mini.

Improved Maps

IOS 9 maps now include routespublic transportation for many major cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Toronto, London. Apple plans to add Berlin and other cities later.

Apple Flipboard Analog

One of the new apps that is added in iOS 9, the News app, is Apple’s response to the popular Flipboard news reader. application newswill allow users to browse the archivenews and articles and display them in an intuitive and engaging style. News can also learn your preferences and interests, and learn from them. Further recommend news and articles of your interest.

Keyboard Tweaks

Apple's QuickType Predictive Dial GotRussian language support. Basically, all the innovations associated with the keyboard relate to the iPad. Namely, a new bar with shortcodes has appeared, which allows you to edit text faster and more conveniently. The main feature is multitasking gesture support, which allows you to turn the keyboard into a trackpad, which will make it easier to select text.

Extended battery life

Many complained about the short timei Battery Devices. It has long been rumored that Apple is working to make iOS 9 the most energy-efficient OS in the company's history. In addition, a new low-power mode has been added that will extend the battery life of your iPhone or iPad for up to three hours.

What about the size of the firmware?

When iOS 8 came out, people were outraged, becausethat the new OS occupied as much as 4.6 gigabytes. This time, Apple did not want to repeat this mistake, so the size of iOS 9 is only 1.3 gigabytes.

Which devices will be compatible with iOS 9?

Owners of old mobile devicesworried that their iPhone or iPad will not be compatible with upcoming firmware. Therefore, this news is for them, none of the devices will be deprived of the opportunity to upgrade to iOS 9. This means that owners of older devices such as iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will still be able to upgrade to iOS 9.



How can I install iOS 9?

Public version of iOS 9 will be available to the publicupcoming fall. However, the public version of iOS 9 beta will be released in July this year. If you do not want to miss the release of the public version of iOS 9 beta, then join us on Twitter, VKontakte and Facebook. And we will inform you as soon as it comes out.

Meanwhile, the most impatient ones can install iOS 9 beta 1 today without a developer account and UDID.