Tenorshare iCareFone review: like iTunes, only adequate

If you had to use iTunes sync between iPhone and computer, you would hardly be in

delighted with this experience. For several years, Apple has changed only the interface of the program, but does not want to adapt it for the convenience of the user. ITunes has alternatives, but can they be called a panacea? Tenorshare's iCareFone - Definitely Possible!

Here are the declared features of the program:



  1. Export files from iPhone
  2. Import files from a computer
  3. Backup iPhone / iPad (full or selective)
  4. Data recovery
  5. Fix iOS issues

Today we will look at each of them in turn, but first, let's talk about the interface.

It’s worth starting with the fact that the program is available onRussian, however, the English version of the product came to our review. But regardless of the language, the interface is quite simple and minimalistic, and using the program is intuitive - you can’t say the same about iTunes. Versions for Windows and macOS are available, in our case the test was conducted on a poppy.



Before you begin, you mustconnect iPhone or iPad via USB. It is noteworthy that all further actions will be performed without connecting to the Apple ID and the need for synchronization, because of which you can accidentally transfer settings to the phone or computer that you were not going to transfer, and all that. Yes, iTunes, this is a stone in your garden. We connect an iPhone and see how worthily the program will cope with the stated tasks.

1. Export files from iPhone

So, we connected the device to the computer, and the program instantly recognized it.

You can select further actions usingdice on the main screen, and you can click on the tabs at the top of the interface. Now we are interested in the second tab - the file manager, in which we can see the files on the iPhone and download the necessary to the computer. The list of what we can download corresponds to the panel on the left. It:

  • Photos, videos and entire albums
  • Music and playlists
  • Video
  • Contacts
  • Books
  • Bookmarks
  • Messages

Let's start with a simple photo and video. Through the file manager, you can view the entire contents of your albums, or simply Camera Roll without any sorting. Below you will see the number of files in this folder and their total weight. If you do not have enough space, then this is a very convenient way to remove unnecessary ones - it is easier to select preview photos from a large computer screen than from a phone. Just select unnecessary files, click on the boxes in the upper left corner to highlight, and then Delete to delete the selection.

Select some files and try to download. To do this, select the necessary photos in the same way (on the screen, the selected files are marked with turquoise checkmarks) and click Export. It was not possible to make a screenshot of the process - it took less than a second to download 15 MB! Open the download folder (you can change it in Export Settings).

Done! Photos are saved by default in .HEIC, videos in .MOV. Photos retain all metadata, available in original resolution. In the settings you can change the export format.

We will not dwell on the other types of export separately, but we will give formats in which different types of files and data are stored:

  • Photo in HEIC: JPEG / HEIC
  • Live photos: JPEG or HEIC + video in MOV, or only JPEG / HEIC photos
  • HEIC Video: H.264 or HEVC
  • Albums: all photos from the album are saved in the selected format (JPEG / HEIC) to the specified folder
  • Contacts: XLS

In addition, in the same tab you can see how much space all applications and documents occupy from them, and delete unnecessary ones from the device.

2. Import files from a computer

In (almost) any of the tabs you canupload your files to your smartphone from a computer. Remember how in iTunes you had to first add files to the library, then synchronize and wait ten minutes until the program finishes dancing with a tambourine? There is no such problem with iCareFone. Click Import, select the necessary files or the whole folder, and the program will do everything by itself. It took a couple of seconds to import 42 MB! How do you like it, iTunes?

And yes, this way you can add to your iPhoneTracks that aren’t in Apple Music. True, the design in this case directly depends on what data is sewn into the source .mp3. However, in just a couple of clicks, I managed to add the songs of Metal Gear Rising's Jamie Christofferson, not available in Apple Music, to the rest of the tracks from the music service.

A great outlet for those whose favorite artists are not represented on iTunes and Apple Music!

However, be careful: You will need a third-party player. The fact is that from the Music application the files downloaded in this way disappear after about half an hour. Read about which third-party player is better to choose for an iPhone, read in our article! By the way, there you can find out how to get around the VKontakte limit by half an hour listening to music in the background.

3. Backup iPhone / iPad (full or selective)

Backup in iCareFone is cool for two reasons. First, you can choose what type of data you need. Maybe you do not want to back up your applications because you have little space. Or you don’t need a call history. This is your smartphone and you decide what you want to save! For the sake of experiment, we will backup all the data and see how long it takes.

And in the screenshot above you can see the secondthe reason why backup via iCareFone is a mile away is better than through iTunes. It can be saved to an external hard drive! Of course, you can do this through iTunes, too - but for this you still have to make a backup to your computer first, and only after that transfer it to your hard drive and reconfigure the backup folder in iTunes ... in a word, too many extra gestures, and still not relevant for those who do not have enough space on the hard drive of the computer.

So, we start the backup ... and wait 1.5 hours. And about half of this time is in the last 2%! The total data weight was almost 40 GB.

All this time you can calmly carry out othertasks on the computer, this does not affect the speed of recording the backup (if you do not take up all the computing power of the computer, of course). The main thing is not to disconnect the iPhone or iPad in the process. So the slogan is iCareFone “Let's make iOS 12 backup easier than ever”More than justified.



4. Data recovery



Of course, you can not only make backupcopy data, but also transfer them to a new device. To do this, simply select the desired file and start synchronization. Again, this does not require an Apple ID. If you previously made a backup via iTunes, then these backups will also appear in the list of available ones (you may have to enter a password if you encrypted the files). Interestingly, iTunes does not see backups stored on an external drive.

5. Fix iOS problems

iCareFone Helps Solve Problems Relatedincorrect installation of new software. If, after updating the iOS or installing a jailbreak, your smartphone does not load beyond the Apple logo, cannot exit recovery mode or displays a black screen when it is turned on, this utility should help.

The program will offer you two modes: Standard or Advanced. In both cases, your device will be updated to the latest version of iOS and will lose the jailbreak if you have it installed. The developer also notes that the utility helps to fix only those problems that are associated with the software component of a smartphone or tablet. If the physical breakdown, of course, you have only one way - to the service.



What is the difference between the two modes? It is only one. Standard involves restoring the device while retaining all user data, while Advanced completely resets all data and iPhone / iPad settings.


Does iCareFone fulfill its promise to “replace iTunes”? Definitely for sure Yes. Last few years to transfer filesI only use AirDrop between the computer and the phone, and iCareFone was the first adequate utility to offer something as simple and convenient, but for a wired connection.

As for backup, I personally dobackup for each iPhone once in his life: before buying a new one. This is a disgusting habit, do not be like me. However, if you use iTunes, you probably understand why I do not like to make copies. iCareFone, of course, is unlikely to teach me how to backup every week, but this program is really much more convenient and allows me not to clog tens of gigabytes of data from an iPhone.

Finally, the iOS fix feature is simplecharming. This is not something a file manager or backup program should be able to do, but iCareFone can do it. This is hardly the main selling function of the program, but its very presence is a very pleasant gesture from the developers.

If you want to train yourself to make backups and facilitate the process of transferring data from computer to phone - iCareFone is definitely a must-have for you. Download Tenorshare iCareFone for Windows and macOS.