Found the ability of classical music to help with epilepsy

Suggestion that listening to Mozart's symphonies may have a positive effect on mental health

was announced back in the 1990s. Now, an international group of scientists, in the course of research, discovered the ability of classical music to help with epilepsy.

It is reported that within the framework of this work, scientistscame to the conclusion that with regular listening to Mozart's symphonies, it is possible to achieve a reduction in epileptic seizures. In addition, the works of the great author also help reduce the frequency of abnormal brain activity in people suffering from this disease. Interestingly, the positive effect is recorded after the first session of listening to classical music and persists after prolonged therapy.

Scientists noted that while listeningMozart, epileptic seizures, on average, are reduced by 31-66%, depending on the person and the musical stimulus. The most used work in such studies was the sonata for 2 pianos K448, but the sonata K545 was also recognized as effective.