Google Docs update helps visually impaired people use the service

Google has improved access to its services for visually impaired and blind people - they added a tool

to instantly turn on the braille display indocuments, tables, presentations and figures. They also updated the navigation through the service - now the user can hear where his cursor is located, both the text itself and comments to it are voiced. The company noted that images, typos and grammatical errors are now verbalized using "new assistive technologies."

This technology is similar to that previouslyadded to the stock Android TalkBack screen reader. There, a built-in on-screen touch keyboard with braille type appeared, which is available for mobile devices on the Android operating system versions 5.0 and higher.

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To take advantage of the new functionthe user needs to open a document, spreadsheet, presentation or drawing on a computer. From the Tools menu, select Accessibility and turn on your screen reader along with the braille display. If you enable support in one of the editors (in documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or pictures), it will automatically work in the others.

Braille keyboard based on the font of the same nameIs an embossed dot font, where letters and punctuation marks are indicated by six tactile dots in a different sequence. The company has already built a Braille keyboard into the core Google toolbox.

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