About 50% of men and 35% of women in Russia are overweight

According to her, the average citizen of the country consumes more calories than he spends. Chapter

Rospotrebnadzor calculated that many Russiansthey abuse salt, exceeding the norm by more than two times, sugar and fats. At the same time, there is often a lack of vitamins A and E, a deficiency of vitamins D, B2 and carotenoids.

In general, the average resident of our country consumes more calories than he spends.

Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor

Popova also emphasized that among school-age boys, overweight is observed in 20%, and obesity in every tenth. Among schoolgirls - 14% and 5.6%, respectively.

Obesity is most widespread in Orlovskaya,Kurgan, Voronezh, Kemerovo and Kursk regions, the Altai Republic, the Bryansk region, the Altai Territory, the Tula region, the Jewish Autonomous Region, the head of the department said. According to her, the average Russian consumes more calories than he spends, abuses table salt, and exceeds the rate of sugar and fat consumption.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor recalled that overweightfraught with an increase in the number of chronic diseases, problems with the cardiovascular system, hypertension, diabetes. It also turned out that overweight people are at risk of severe complications when infected with coronavirus.

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