OK Is Not OK: EA Wants To Eradicate Toxicity In FIFA 21 By Removing Popular Victory Signs

Electronic Arts has already worked on the movement and artificial intelligence of football players in FIFA 21.

Now the developers have taken up the fight against toxicity.

"OK" is not "OK"

EA Sports has confirmed to Eurogamer that it is from FIFA 21will cut out the victory gestures Shush ("Shh" or "Quiet") and A-OK. As the publication notes, animation of victory is often used to infuriate opponents, forcing the opponent to watch the celebration of the goal. In turn, Shush can be turned on the run, stretching the time of the victory gesture.

A-OK will also be removed from the game, but there is no exact reason. As noted by PC Gamer, the same gesture was recently removed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone due to some connection with "white supremacism."

Ко всему EA планирует убрать кат-сцену после гола in online matches, as it only stretches the idle time of the players. The duration of the various components was also reduced. For example, a kick kick now takes 10 seconds, a ball throw to 12 seconds, a goal kick, penalty kick and corner kick are all reduced to 15 seconds. The goal is to reduce waiting times during matches.

“The community has let us know what the game hastoxic behavior and we want to make sure we get rid of it. So we removed some celebrations that people thought weren't the best idea in the game. Overall, the goal is to let you play and not do other unnecessary things. "

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