Published a video with a Disney robot, with frighteningly similar to human eyes

Disney Research, the robot arm of Disney, has posted a video of a robot equipped with

eerily similar to human eyes.

The engineers of the unit were able to achievethe striking resemblance of the robot's eyes to human eyes due to the maintenance of eye contact and micromovements that resemble real ones, reports N + 1. In order for the project of such a robot to come true, experts have equipped it with a depth camera. As a result, if someone came closer to the robot, then he imitated a disapproving look for strangers and friendly for already familiar people.

Despite the fact that the facial expressions of the robot are very strongresembles that of a person, it is still not without flaws. So, for example, while the robot's eyes are focusing on infinity, because of which it looks not at the person standing next to it, but as if through it.