Main battle tank of the USA stuck in an ordinary puddle

A rather interesting video was published on the network in which the main battle tank of the USA Abrams M1 got stuck in

an ordinary puddle.

So, in the frames that have become publicit can be seen how one of the tracks of a combat vehicle collided with the loss of support, after which the towing of the tank in liquid mud began. At this time, interestingly, the second track, which retained contact with the surface, began to pull the Abrams M1 steeply.

It is worth noting that, most likely, the problem isIn this case, it was not in the tank, but in its driver - it was he who not only drove the military equipment into the mud, but was also unable to do anything to solve the problem. The video itself shows how eyewitnesses of the event give useful advice to a careless driver, which ultimately helps him get out of the puddle.