Spiders are able to transmit antibiotic-resistant bacteria

During the study, a dangerous feature of the false widow spider or
the steatodes are large. how

it turned out that the bite of a representative of this species of spider entails not only irritation and pain at the site of the affected area, but also the transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

It turned out during the research of scientists,who initially looked at patient reports of spider bites in Ireland and the UK over the past decade. They noticed that many patients only complained of pain and redness, but there were also those who faced difficult-to-treat skin conditions.

Experts analyzed the poison of the false widow andfound in it about 22 species of bacteria that can be transmitted to humans. Moreover, among this variety of bacteria, there were also bacteria resistant, in particular Pseudomonas putida, Staphylococcus capitis and Staphylococcus edaphicus.