First reviews of Apple Watch Series 4

All the first reviews of the Apple Watch Series 4 are positive, and most of them say that the new smart watch is for sure

worth buying. Reviews about the watches began to appear after everyone expressed their first impression about the iPhone XS / XS Max.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Apple is late with its smartwatch. However, despite this, the company still managed to get ahead in this race.

Eleven years after the release of the firstApple iPhone continues to add quite modest improvements to its main product every year. This disappoints those who each time expect new breakthroughs in technology. Such people should pay attention to the Apple Watch, which does not stand still.

The New York Times journalist believes that AppleWatch is one of the most significant discoveries in the field of smart watches. He particularly notes ECG support with the new model. However, in his opinion, this watch is not suitable for everyone. The journalist would not recommend choosing the Apple Watch Series 4 as the first smart watch, it is better to start with the cheaper Apple Watch Series 3.

iMore writes that the Apple Watch is the most important device of Apple, and Series 4 is the most important model of smart watches. Why? Because Apple Watch saves lives, and it happens time and time again.



Buzzfeed does not consider himself a supporter of the Apple Watch and was not impressed with the new model. In his opinion, the Apple Watch is a transitional line before the appearance of the best devices and technologies.

I can’t help but think that the Apple Watchprepare us for a new kind of technology that we are unlikely to notice, but at the same time they will be connected to us. This applies to everything: from wireless headphones and smart watches to glasses and clothes.

Perhaps the journalist is right, but we live in 2018, andnot in 2030 or 2040. The first 3.5-inch iPhone led to the creation of the first iPad, and the Apple Watch will certainly lead to the emergence of something else new. Isn't that how technology evolves?

Below you can watch a video review of the Apple Watch Series 4 edition of The Verge.



The Independent journalist writes that the new model- the most beautiful watch of all that Apple has released. “It takes my breath away every time I raise my wrist and the watch screen lights up, showing all my beauty. You must see them with your own eyes. "

He also writes:

Last year's Series 3 was great, but newsmart watches have reached a new level. The design is simply amazing, and the bright display with rounded edges looks sensational. The improvement in performance is palpable at all levels, as is the increase in the quality of health-related functions.

Usually, a Hodinkee reviewer needs a few days to reach a verdict on a new device, but this time he immediately concluded that Apple had made a big impact in the smartwatch industry.

He believes that Apple Watch Series 4 provehow powerful a watch can be. Previous models only hinted at this power. If you still do not use the watch, but check the time on the phone, or vice versa cannot live without your favorite mechanical watch, it's time to think about buying an Apple Watch.

Recall that the Apple Watch Series 4 will be released on September 21. You can order watches in some countries now.