Listed foods that should be discarded after 40 years

As you know, people with age begin to face various health problems, including

associated with poor nutrition. It is in order to avoid this that experts have listed products that should be abandoned after 40 years.

So, among the food and drinks, the use of whichshould be kept to a minimum over time, include portioned instant coffee with cream, sodas and fruit juice, diet bars, muffins and muffins. This is due to the fact that, for example, sodium aluminosilicate is included in the composition of instant coffee with cream. This substance can irritate the respiratory tract, skin and eyes. In addition, there is hydrogenated vegetable oil in this coffee, which increases the level of saturated fat, potentially harmful to the heart.

In turn, carbonated drinks shouldget on the "stop list" due to the fact that they can cause diseases of the cardiovascular system in adulthood and lead to the development of gout. Diet bars contain too many "extra" substances, such as palm oil and synthetic sweeteners.