Come on, Samsung: Huawei heads the smartphone market for the second month in a row

For a couple of weeks, we wrote that in April, Huawei unexpectedly outperformed Samsung and other competitors.

and for the first time became the leader in the smartphone market in terms of the number of devices sold. Now the situation has repeated.

Second month in a row

As CounterPoint analysts calculated, based on the resultsMay Huawei for the second month in a row leads the global smartphone market. True, the gap with Samsung’s “silver medalist” is minimal: Huawei’s share is 19.7%, and Samsung’s is 19.6%. I wonder what the situation will be like in June.

In third place is still Apple, which occupies 13% of the market. It is followed by Chinese companies Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo, which have equal market shares of 8% each.

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In total, 81.97 million smartphones were sold worldwide in May.

Recall, Huawei wants to become a leader insales for several years, but due to US sanctions, plans had to be postponed. But while European users are abandoning Huawei products due to the lack of Google services, the Chinese, on the contrary, are increasingly supporting the local manufacturer.

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