The orbit of the planetoid Farfarut, the most distant object in the solar system, has been confirmed

The planetoid, nicknamed Farfarout, was first discovered in 2018. Now astronomers have collected

enough observations to determine its orbit.

Farfarut will receive an official name afterhow its orbit will be better defined over the next few years. It was discovered with the 8-meter Subaru telescope located at the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Telescopes Gemini North and Magellan helped to calculate the orbit.

Farfarut's average distance from the Sun is132 astronomical units (AU). Let us recall that 1 au. Is the distance between the Earth and the Sun. For comparison, Pluto is only 39 AU. from the sun. The newly discovered object has a very elongated orbit, which puts its farthest orbit at 175 AU.

In this illustration in the lower right cornerdepicts the most distant object ever discovered in our solar system, nicknamed "Farfarout". The lower left corner of the graph shows the distances to planets, dwarf planets, candidates for dwarf planets and the Far Abroad from the Sun in astronomical units (AU). One au equal to the average distance of the Earth from the Sun. Farfarut is located at a distance of 132 AU. from the sun. Credit: NOIRLab / NSF / AURA / J. da Silva

One revolution of Farfarut around the Sun takes a millennium. Because of this long orbit, it moves very slowly across the sky, and it takes several years of observation to accurately determine its trajectory.

Two images of Farfarut that show his movement. Photo: Scott S. Sheppard / Carnegie Institute of Science

Farfarut is very dull, and based on itsbrightness and distance from the Sun, scientists estimate its size to be about 400 km across. This puts it on the lower edge of a dwarf planet. Scientists speculate that it is an ice-rich object.

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