California fires threaten the oldest mountain observatory

Wildfires spread after the lightning strike in late August. The element instantly increased and already 18

In August, state authorities declared a state of emergency. According to the Washington Post, the fires affected an area of ​​243 thousand hectares and killed 5 people.

According to the University of California, whilethe historic observatory at the top of Mount Hamilton in Santa Clara "escaped significant damage." However, the fire in the coming days can completely destroy the building. The observatory now houses firefighting units that use the building as a command center.

“Thanks to the efforts of the firemen, the domes of the observatorydid not suffer, and the fire retreated several kilometers. However, the object is constantly in danger, since the fire does not retreat, but, on the contrary, is gaining strength. The dangers associated with the elements have not yet been exhausted. "

University of California

The researchers noted that the domes of the telescopes andthe observatory buildings that support them were untouched by the fire. Other devices, however, will require careful assessment when the danger recedes. Scientists note that for some devices, not even the fire itself is dangerous, but the smoke from it.

Eighteen other buildings that housed local residents were damaged. One of them completely burned down, and the rest of the fire inflicted "structural damage". The authorities are planning to restore these buildings.

Lik Astronomical Observatory is locatedon the slope of Mount Hamilton at an altitude of over a thousand meters, at a distance of 46 km. from the city of San Jose. This is one of the oldest mountain observatories in the country, it was launched in 1887. The location of the observatory is unique, it provides good conditions for observation. The evening air is calm here, and the top of the mountain is usually located above the level of the cloud cover.

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