Shown is the "wet" landing of the largest transport aircraft in Russia

In the Tver region, training was held for the crews of the military transport aviation of the Aerospace Forces (VKS

) Russia. The pilots of the largest transport aircraft in Russia - An-124 "Ruslan" - performed a "wet" landing.

The workout was shown on the official videoMinistry of Defense of Russia. The crews of the An-124 "Ruslan" made flights along a given route in difficult weather conditions, as well as a go-around landing and interaction with the control group. In addition, the An-124 plane was landed on a wet runway.

As "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" reminds, "Ruslan"is the second largest aircraft in the world in terms of carrying capacity. Its wingspan is 73 meters, and its takeoff weight reaches 392 tons. The aircraft can accommodate 400 paratroopers with equipment or 800 ordinary soldiers.