Shown underwater driving of Russian tanks

The training center of the Central Military District (CVD) showed how the cadets mastered the underwater driving of tanks.

The exercises took place at the Elansky training ground in the Sverdlovsk region.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes that the crewssank to a depth of four meters and crossed a body of water about 200 meters wide. The driver-mechanics could not orient themselves visually, so they controlled the tanks using devices - gyro-compasses.

The cadets also worked out the evacuation of personnel and equipment in the event of a tank sinking.

Representative of the Junior Training CenterThe specialists of the Central Military District said that the cadets first perform training exercises on land, then they are engaged in diving training in the simulator complex, and only then they receive admission to classes in a natural reservoir.

Trained cadets will serve as junior specialists in the tank forces.