The capabilities of the Kalashnikov combat boats are shown

The program "Military acceptance" of the TV channel "Zvezda" shared footage that demonstrates the possibilities

combat boats "Kalashnikov" - BK-10 and BK-16.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta recalled that the figures inthe names of boats indicate the length of the vessel in meters. These boats are produced mainly for the Russian Navy, but the Russian Guard has recently begun to be supplied. Also BK-10 and BK-16 are sold abroad.

Boats are used to quickly deliver troops and support the landing with fire. For this, the BK-10 and BK-16 have machine guns. It is reported that, ideally, boats should fight in pairs.

For example, the heavier and better protected BK-16will approach the coastline first. At this time, the faster BK-10 will jump out from behind its "back" and deliver the first group of military personnel to land. They will ensure the landing of the second group from the BK-16 under cover.

The video showed the speed characteristics and maneuverability of the boats, as well as their operation in blackout mode.