Users complain about problems with Google Pixel 5

Google's new Pixel 5 phone proved to be a bit problematic. Several users have already reported on the Web,

that there is a problem with the sound control on the phone. As Android Central reports, while watching a video, their phone's volume starts to drop randomly. Users have reported issues on the Google Pixel support forum more than once.

Volume error

There seem to be two aspects to the problem: firstly, the volume will drop, drop randomly when users watch the video. The second aspect of the issue relates to system sounds, which for some affected users become unpleasantly loud despite being set to a minimum value. System sounds include camera shutter sound, beep and, among others, screenshot sound.

Additionally, users have reported that slidersvolume settings do not solve the problem, and despite their settings, the system sounds remain loud, unless vibration mode or silent mode is set.

Pixel 5 owners on Reddit complain about thisproblem starting on October 17th. However, they have not yet received a possible solution from Google. A Google spokesperson addressed the issue this week, explaining that ringtone and notification settings are related to each other, and changing the volume of one affects both.

The spokesperson also says they will be working on tweaking the settings, obviously a future software update for the Pixel 5 will fix this.